Friday, December 31

the time has come.

happy new year.
from trd. 
have fun, get sparkly, dress up, 
get drunk, make sure champagne and stella are present,
be safe, pass out and welcome 2011 with loving open arms.
and don't forget the twelve o'clock kiss ;)

Thursday, December 30


i just bought all of this.
on etsy.
for $70. 
i don't like sharing my purchases with others
but this was too unreal to not share. 
New years celebratory present to myself, hello 2011,
i love you already. <3

happy creeps.

just some stylish ladies and gents.
street folks know whats up. we can all be stylish
with some intense cash flow, but the 
talent lies in being able to make the less
expensive duds stylish.

bye bye love, hello happiness.

<3 nville, TN.

check jeff the brotherhood for some nville jamz.

Tuesday, December 28

let's walk to the preacher and let's say i D O.

b & dubs. 
devil // in \\ disguise

how do you stop loving someone? 

come and go with me

yes. yes. and yes.

Saturday, December 25

suspicious minds

\\we say yes
to stylish couplez.


  Merry Christmas from
The Rad Diaries.


Tuesday, December 21

two plus oh plus eleven.

we've had a pretty radical/awesome/dope 2010
and we are greatly anticipating the arrival of 2011 and more adventures to come.
we thought we would share a few things that we're excited for and goals we plan to accomplish.

Camping. all kinds and tons of it. Most definitely y o s e m i t e.

Roadtrips, particularly to Sanfran and Portland,

Involve ourselves in more rebellious activities.

Learn how to skate

Celebrate the long awaited birthday, twenty one.

First Tats/More tats

 Lose some el bees.

Coachella/ an increase of shows

Host more parties/sleepovers

increase our record collection,

and perhaps cute boys will grace us with their presence in 2011

and enjoy ourselves as much as possible.
we <3 you

oh and here's a little tune that gets us goin