Thursday, September 30

sweetness come separate.

I can't breathe with you 
looking at me. 

Wednesday, September 29

he loves you the best

love dis. 
johnnys bird. 

walking free, come with me

browsing through flickr's and random blogs
come with me, far away
Deerhunter Album 
on repeat. 

Tuesday, September 28

just a four letter word.

most talented
most influential
Joan Baez & Bob Dylan
watch: Joan Baez How Sweet the Sound and Bob Dylan No Direction Home

watch it

a Selby Film.

Monday, September 27

the highway is for gamblers.

Robert Zimmerman.
the greatest.
Don't Look Back by D.A. Pennebaker. 

anyone's ghost.

who called it?
velvet. it's whats up.

Sunday, September 26

frustration rock.

trd: in search of some combat boots.

Friday, September 24

blue as your blood

wanting nature and cold. 

...whatever it's better in the wind...

still awaiting my biker babe. 
check out it's better in the wind. a photography essay about dudes
riding across country on their bikes, so as to avoid missing out on the scenery by
seeing it through glass in a car. los ang photographer scott toepfer rules. 

turn and face THE S T R A N G E.

jam of the weekend.
we're moving. i thought it appropriate.
<3 d.b.

Wednesday, September 22

i'll just nod.

ahh, so that's where he gets his good looks.
jeanette christiansen. mother of julian.

Tuesday, September 21

i'm a warrior, are you?

each collection never ceases to amaze me. 
i love you rick klotz, especially for outfitting local natives
at two shows i've seen them at in L.A.

drama K I N G...///...//...///....

stellar shoes dude.
i want. 

more than a feeling.

jodie foster + cherie currie + los angeles + 1980
the outfits rule

Monday, September 20

Sunday, September 19

kitty paws.

halloween brainstorming. 

Faint Humms

peggy honeywell- folk singer
clare rojas- artist
RVCA musician and artist, check her out, she rules.
 with a guitar and a paintbrush.

i met him at the candy store.

rs. <3

the time is HERE

Made the usual weekend trip to Amoeba yesterday and left with about 10 vinyls, I can't
help but be drawn to the clearance section,  and when I found this Chubby Checker record
I just could not help myself. In case you were wondering how to do the twist, 
there are some step by step instructions on the back of the album.

Also left Amoebs with the new Azure Ray album ( kills it ) totally check it out !  


Saturday, September 18


jam of the weekend.
wish these dudes were still together,
a concert would rule. 

Thursday, September 16

I-75 Boogie

in search of some adventure. 
photos from our cross country roadtrip, look forward to doing it again.
people definitely underestimate the 'cool' factor of the midwest.

love me D O .

um. hot. 
thanks Lori. 
The Cement Garden c. 1993.

shine FORTH .

My friend Julia and I spent all of last weekend scavenging the Melrose flea Market for something similar
to the rings above, but to no avail. 
What would we do without the interweb? BillyBride Jewelry is f*in rad
From aus (no surprise) Just a bit out of my price range.

Check it out

Wednesday, September 15

starving//h y s t e r i c al\\nake d.

allen g. 
beatniks > hippies.
can't forget who started it all.

meet me in mon t a u k.

kicking ass and taking names since 2 double 0 three.
fall '10 collection kills it. why am i not surprised?
it's times like these where i'm almost forced to say...