Friday, July 30

the gang.

let's and say we didn't//

the more i see, the more i D O.

(so don't do it)

let's not and say we did.//

bmore, md.

y u m.

willamsburg, bklyn, ny
3 days.
definitely going here.

riot rhythm.

ok so i'm obsessed with johnny's bird.
diy pants and shirt.
totally dig.

Thursday, July 29

Monday, July 26

a city with no children in it

i highly suggest you purchase.
this album rules.

let's dig a little grave.

seriously, this chick kills it.
how rad is her wardrobe?

more photos from johnny's bird

Sunday, July 25

the trees grew emotions

miss this song.
stoked to catch them at fyf fest in september.

if i was scared, i would.

i want to go hiking.

when in roam.

nostalgic for bleach blonde 
summer days at the lake.
fear is the thief of dreams.

Thursday, July 22


threat and worship

next best surf/skate brand
located in BC

Wednesday, July 21

live for this

this chick takes a pic of herself everyday
shes on day 305, almost a year.
supa rad.

Tuesday, July 20


he opened for the dodos/new pornographers tonight
i totally dig his vibe. take a listen. sixties-ish.

Sunday, July 18

Friday, July 16


they r u l e ! ! ! 

Lights and MUSIC








Saw these guys a few years ago while on tour for In Ghoust Colors, was one of the best shows I have ever been too..I hope this clip means they're coming out with another album soon?! 

oh my shizz

dude's rad.

paint the rust.

now that i'm going back to skewl.
and since im 2 kewl 4 skewl.
one of these packs would be appropriate.


more than stoked.
favorite song by them forsure.
if you haven't heard them, you're way missing out.

Thursday, July 15


thanks for the 4,000 views guys.
here's to cigs and them only looking rad in photographs.

Wednesday, July 14

only the best.

baby i'm howlin' for you.

current wishlist.
bonadrag, needsupply, urbanout,

i don't want a // sweetheart \\

at it again.

Tuesday, July 13

bone house.

dustbowl dance

introduced to me by my great friend julia vyborny.
i dig. mumford & sons. vintagey, folky, goodness.

Monday, July 12

beat of the hurt

take it easy.

because basic is good
s/s '10

ride with me, to nyc.

the doorbells!
download here and here
at TRD, we dig it for sure. 

Sunday, July 11

Friday, July 9

friendly g h o s t.

tonight at the Echo.
 I have work, but at least i'll be catching
them in Brooklyn opening for The Dead Weather
in just a few weeks.