Tuesday, August 30



my body tells me nOo

girls and a bunny
happy t u e s d a y . 

Monday, August 29

 morgan stumbled upon this last week via closetvisit. 
the owner of our favorite vintage store in LA, painted bird. 
she rules and so does the shop.
she says of her style icons 
"Kurt Cobain/Patti Smith when I'm dressing down. Lita Ford/Martin Rev
 when I'm dressing up. Maybe even a splash of Bowie for some color" 
i couldn't agree more!
check out painted bird in silverlake next time you're in the area.

breaking a w a y.
c. 1979
a film we used to watch with dad when we were kids.
 yes, he looked exactly
like the main character in 1979, bike included. 
let's go for a ride. 

Friday, August 26

LOng- term - phySical - effecTs

these have been taking up some room on my desktop
some, i'm sure i've posted. others have just been hanging out,
waiting to share the spotlight.