Friday, October 29

Thursday, October 28

Wednesday, October 27

'los angeles treats everyone like a drunk in bed'

some dope shizz.
from LA's original punk rock scene.
X. No, not the xx, X
check 'em. thx Alana. 

Tuesday, October 26

i never dreamed i'd say such a thing.

Maryland, I miss you.
'Maryland' by skye parrot

Sunday, October 24


it's fall.
let the fun begin.

my favorite dude shoe for fall.
get 'em. 

leaves us blind.

my friend julia (hoo-lee-uh)
really wants a poncho for the fall season,
and I don't blame her.

"let's pretend we know what 1963 looks like."

- Donald Draper

Tuesday, October 19

wild in the streets.

is it really only tuesday?

aha shake heart////break

or nothing like it? definitely the best song on the new album, despite
the fact that it takes its name from a well known beatles song.
the new album (out today) is still grabbing
vibes from Only By the Night but definitely a more tasteful sound.
although, I still don't think they deserve to be classified
as Southern Rock by any means. we'll leave that up to their first
two albums and the soledad brothers. 

he told me he liked my shoes.

Saturday, October 16

don't believe that it's a curse.

folk/pop/nashville (her hometown) vibes.
sadly, she's not coming to los angeles
but she will be doing some shows in ny this fall so
manhattanites, check her out!

Thursday, October 14

i talk nicely to them and try and get them to come C L O S E R.

discovered by morgan.
just looked up their myspace to link you to them and saw that they're
playing at Tommy's place on October 29th. 
wtf. thanks usc?

well don't just stand there...


Tuesday, October 12

dude bro.

Painter Raymond Pettibon working his magic on one of their posters.
(also the man behind the iconic images for Sonic Youth and Black Flag)
Check out OFF! a RVCA sponsored band at Amoeba tomorrow night.
be there.
UPDATE: Morgan and I joined OFF! last night at their gig at Amoeba
and sold some RVCA x OFF! tees on stage. great punk vibes, 
their EP soldout but they are coming out with
a full length in November. For our surprise tee shirt selling we
scored some Amoeba gift cards! Let's just say
we could definitely get used to being 'with' the band.

the best way, the american way.

my friends and I stumbled on this lovely gem last weekend while looking for some furniture for our new place. the best thrift store i've been to in the los angeles vacinity, everything was about 1 to 2 bucks and I even scored a framed movie poster of Bob Dylan's Don't look Back.
The American Way Thrift Store- Burbank, CA

Saturday, October 9

these roads stretch a thousand miles, in every way.

wanting: new ringz. december/birthday. roadtrip. thininess.
in the process of making it all
h a p p e n

Friday, October 8

it's a domestic scene

not new.
but a definite 'must listen'

Thursday, October 7

folsom prison.



Monday, October 4

only bored as i get older

after several months of being members of the blogging world,
we thought it appropriate to show you our favorite fall looks from our own closets. nothing amazing but just a peak into our
daily ensembles. our inspiration? check the rest of our blog to find out. 
October theme song: Deerhunter- He would have laughed off of their new album Halcyon Digest

Friday, October 1

///////\\\\\\ just ADD safety pins

<3 Balmain