Tuesday, December 21

two plus oh plus eleven.

we've had a pretty radical/awesome/dope 2010
and we are greatly anticipating the arrival of 2011 and more adventures to come.
we thought we would share a few things that we're excited for and goals we plan to accomplish.

Camping. all kinds and tons of it. Most definitely y o s e m i t e.

Roadtrips, particularly to Sanfran and Portland,

Involve ourselves in more rebellious activities.

Learn how to skate

Celebrate the long awaited birthday, twenty one.

First Tats/More tats

 Lose some el bees.

Coachella/ an increase of shows

Host more parties/sleepovers

increase our record collection,

and perhaps cute boys will grace us with their presence in 2011

and enjoy ourselves as much as possible.
we <3 you

oh and here's a little tune that gets us goin

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