Saturday, April 30

can't keep a beat

 happy saturday.

Thursday, April 28

leopard skin pillbox hats

today, we thanked god it was thursday.
and we're counting the minutes til 5 pm on friday.
when our 80 degree weekend can begin.
oh and it's official, we're going to sanfran for mem day weekend.
got 60s vibes and sanfran daze on our minds.
happy thursday.

Wednesday, April 27

don't violate or you'll get violated.

If you're friends with us on facebook, you most likely already know (due to a plethora of posts) that we had the opportunity to skip on over to the Art In the Streets exhibit at the MOCA gallery in Little Tokyo this past Sunday. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that it was nothing short of amazing, for lack of a better word. For me, always wanting to be a designer but still en route to becoming one, I have always taken most of my inspiration from 90's New York. Although I am constantly inspired by a number of things, it is the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the 90's, complete with a tribe called quest jams, movies like 'Kids', and Keith Haring and Espo's thoughts and designs plastered all over the store fronts, billboards, and brownstones that has always truly inspired me. Walking through this exhibit, which showcased street artists and their work from the past three decades or more, it was easy to see that not much has changed about the art itself, as the rebellious undertone referencing everything from politics to personal relationships remains inherently visible, but the acceptance and appreciation of it is now apparent where it never was before. The idea of an exhibit like this even taking place 10, 15, 20 plus years ago is unthinkable. Now, the rebellious act of graffiti has become such an art form that even the Museum Of Contemporary Art has taken notice. The line was spilling out the door when we arrived and the exhibit itself was quite crowded once we got inside, mind you, it was Easter Sunday and still people preferred this art exhibit over an easter egg hunt. We were able to take a few photos whilst browsing about but even still, the photos can't quite capture the beauty of this exhibit. Just the mere fact that THIS genre of artwork is being placed in an exhibit, is beauty in itself. Some may say otherwise as it does slightly hinder the true meaning of what street art really is, taking it from it's home in the streets and putting it on display. Taking it almost for granted as it has always been such a rare and thrilling sight to find a piece by your favorite street artist while wandering through NY or LA. Regardless, we officially classify it as a 'must see' exhibit, as the works of Keith Haring, ESPO, Shepard Fairey, and RVCA artists Barry Mcgee, Retna, and many more, truly are not something you want to miss.  Here are some of our favorite photos.

 g o.

green apples.

morg and i (and horace) might just
have to scalp some tickets to see them play.
craigslist= $80 a pop.
worth it? Y E S.
and they're playing with the cave singers.
double yes.

Tuesday, April 26


some epicness
photos by Luke Dobron
view his flickr stream here.

He's a pretty rad dude 
who takes some pretty rad photoz.
this post is long overdue.

enough said.

Monday, April 25