Friday, April 30

//\\heart of stone//\\

so cool.



so for my portfolio class at school we have to design a line, come up with a theme etc.
my theme is entitled, "Born in the U.S.A." sort of reminiscent of the good old days, 1984, 
Springsteen meets thelma and louise meets Summer olympic games of '84. Anyhoo,
just saw this on planet blue! what the heckkk. I mean I know I'm not super original or anything but
sort of annoying now I feel completely un-original! But, not sure anyone could actually love Bruce as much as myself ;) 

excuse me, miss.

so these guys are pretty good
check em out
and here, to download the pool party ep
defined as:: new-wave/j-pop/garage
pretty good, what do you think?

Thursday, April 29

ɥɔʇɐɹɔs pıɔɐ

watched kurt and courtney last night with meg
seriously, I really wonder what happened
made me kind of hate courtney love?? 

Wednesday, April 28

Go where you wanna G O. //

my idol.
michelle phillips.

Tuesday, April 27



In bloom.


wishing it was '94
and we're sitting around drinking
mickey's, listening to the sounds of a tribe
called quest and nirvana play via casette tape
on my rad boombox in brooklyn, ny.
2 dope 2 be wack.

heart shaped box.


Counting Down to next year....

most photos
taken by the raddest chick ever
Julia Vyborny. Others by me.
Coachella. R O C K E D.
Moats and boats and waterfalls...

Sunday, April 25

when i'm with you, i have fun.

it's not when you do it, it's what you do next.

the object of my affection.
how. freaking. rad. is. he?
i mean foreal.

i'm not like that.

cigin it.

let's get drunk

stuck in my head like woah. 
le prix remix is freakin rad but no vid for that ofcourse.
anyway check out little majorette. 

GLORY days.

I love the age that I am, but don't you ever wish you could've experienced certain things? 
Such as the summer olympic games of 1984 in Los Angeles
yeah, I do. 

this gun's for hire

sorry guys for my uncool obsession of bruce
but, best song of all time?
i think yes.

tap the rockies.

two weeks on average.

circa one nine six nine

tough MAMA.

recent purchases.


obsessed is an understatement


check out these guys
sort of a radiohead vibe- super talented
listen to their new album here