Monday, November 29

it's a witch hunt town.

THESE pants.
theraddiaries <3 stolengirlfriend'sclub

broken anglais.

glasses & sweaters.

'ssippi punk

FLIGHT. their EP came out in septembre.
 download here.
rocking socks on the daily.


via. GILLS

drop VIDS.

how can you not love this album
Vid released last week I believe?
check it. 

makeout monday.

it's monday.
you should go makeout with someone.
might help ease the pain of the fact that
 it's monday. 

Wednesday, November 24

w o r d.

happy wednesday/friday/itsthanksgivingyay! :) 

you should if you don't.

a little more pop than we usually dig.
but for some reason i like this.
check out no shave november all year long lead singer
modeling for gant rugger. say yes to maryland bands.

download their single fo free here.

Light me up

our first ever Holiday Gift Guide
For dudes, Enjoy :) 

*click the photo to make it larger :) 

Saturday, November 20

where there's life, there's budweiser.

budweiser. good with every season.

Friday, November 19

the best things happen while you're dancing.

i've been dreaming of wearing a dress like this
and school dances consisting of this type of dancing, since childhood.
some day.
and no, it's not too early to put this movie in. the best movie
of all time.
White christmas


h a p p y f r i d a y 
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thursday, November 18

wilderness heart.

button ups. but not just any button up.
prints & patches. do it. 

via: needsupply, UO, gant rugger


truth be told.



another blog we <3 here at trd
this chick knows vintage 
(Coury Combs)


here at trd
we like posting rad chicks with rad blogs
this is Adair
she's just starting but check it out

Take me there

Nellcote c.1971
recording of Exile on Main St.
I want to be there right now,
take me ?
images via.