Wednesday, March 31

chooseyourown a d v e n t u r e.

you know you want em


18 days til Miike.
16 til the madness begins.

Monday, March 29


i want her hair. 

Sunday, March 28

here we are now, entertain us.

my obsession with the early 90s continues.
get grungey.

Saturday, March 27

nice to see you again

Kate Moss
it's all about the

the buzz

so I've been seeing a lot on Kid Sister lately, decided to check out her myspace
and found some songs that I recognized, proceeded to check my itunes
I somehow downloaded some of her songs in August of 09..I knew I had heard it before!
haha love when that happens
anyway, I dig her and she made quite a splash at SXSW
get it sistaaaa
this is her latest vid- kinda poppy but we can deal. 
x. x.


NY-Z: Jay-Z – Full Version from Emmanuel A Brown on Vimeo.

I freaking love him
Coachalla 2010 ! ! ! !

make your day

'go do' from Jónsi on Vimeo.

someone take the time and dance with me

really wanting some sort of vintage
Budweiser tee! ! !
tallulah shoot

like ice and tea

Glass Candy - 'Feeling Without Touching' from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.

glass candy

the sun's coming down hard


king midas

awesome jewelry

Friday, March 26

\ \ \ \ let them eat cake / / / /

can't go wrong with blondie and wildfox.

Wednesday, March 24

for meg.

Go Outside from Helene Park on Vimeo.

well that's cool i guess.

The Runaways circa 2010?
The Splinters- Mysterious
They made quite a splash at sxsw
Check em.

Bad Rep.

coachella phoned...


vintage lace dress and boots required upon entry.
better start searchin'

images via ebay and bonadrag

Functioned Branches

stopmotions rule.
as does ragged wood by the fleet foxes.
and this rad 16 year old with
an awesome flickr stream and some
super cool outfits.
check her out, dope.

Lonesome Street.

real people with real dopeness.
my latest obsession.

White Sky.

I want to go camping.

Tuesday, March 23

Monday, March 22

sexy or sticky?

wax that is.
get wet with your beau.
waves are supposed to be ragin tomorrow, i felt this was appropriate. 
neoprene photospread for foam mag, march issue.

we're doomed

got no heart

I know this is "old news" in the blogosphere
Opening Ceremony x Pendleton 

Sunday, March 21

fuckin badass

A source of inspiration no question.
Hello World, I'm your wild girl
I'm your
ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch cherrybombbbb

i wanna be where the boys are.

joan jett fucking rocks.
1976 Runaways style
or 1983 Blackhearts style.

Saturday, March 20

flash delirium.

don't know about you, but i want all of this.
the jean jacket in particular.
stussy x cassette playa
Spring '10



Friday, March 19

Real Life.

the phaseone remix is even better.
but of course there is no vid for that.
regardless, fool's gold rocks.

mystery. //\\//\\

Eagle feathers. 
"Look alike but under close inspection,
their differences can be found."
tat coming soon.

to the light h o u s e.

beach days have arrived.
Memoryhouse- Bonfire
Check em

beach days
have arrived.
Memory House- Bonfire.
Check em.

let's be real.


//the w o r l d is YOURS.\\

blogged and blogged and reblogged.
but that doesn't change the perfection of this brand
and it's spring/summer line. ny i love you.
i wish. i wish.
i w i s h.