Friday, September 30

r e g g u r t a n g g a n t r u g g e r

meet me in big bear

feeling winter/woods/camping lately. 
i logged onto our shared etsy account and 
combined, these were our favorites.
funny how we think the same. 
all items via etsy

b A l a N c e

dreaming about winter. but still thinking about summer.
i dig this jam and this video and this band. 
feel g o o d vibez.

Wednesday, September 28


only, not.

dirty old town

 lot's of photoz 

Tuesday, September 27

easily amused

yep, still listening to nirvana on repeat.
and yep, still dying to go camping. 
heading to big bear 10/22. come with?
via the selvedge yard.
buncha moto dudes camping