Monday, October 17

s a d d a z e

today is a sad day here at TRD.
with nearly one and a half years of jams, cool photoz, and inspirational posts,
we have decided to go our own separate ways.
as twins, it's often difficult to share everything in your life. despite the fact that
 we see no resemblance to each other, sharing looks, a room, an apartment, friends,
interests, and a car is by no means an easy feat. and sharing a blog, well...we think
our creative efforts can stand alone. please check out our new blogs, (tumblr style)
and follow them if you so desire (we would appreciate it).
if you're reading this, thanks for following and thanks for sticking with us and
reading our shizz.
we hope you'll follow us on our new ventures!

meghan's tumblr: generational loss

morgan's tumblr: the rambler
(you didn't think we would lose the name that easily did you?)

and in honor of the favorited makeout mondays...

Friday, October 14




it's friday. finally.
wish i was going to max's kansas city tonight.
oh well.

Thursday, October 13

i think it's probably illegal to have as many aspirations as i do.
new york. laurel canyon. australia. essentially take over the world one city at a time.
with attractive male in tow.
sometimes i sit back and wonder, maybe it's not another amazing 'place' that i need,
just to make 'this' place my own. as much as i feel like i've accomplished
that with los angeles. some days i just don't know.
bottom line? 21 needs to come sooner.
t w o m o n t h s.

skinny gals don't have oomph

Wednesday, October 12

coming soon, nothing.

t he wi l d un k n ow n.

then and now

sophomore across the years.