Thursday, September 8


 all i can think of today is new york. 
between the fact that it's fashion week, hearing about 
9/11 remembrance on NPR every morning in preparation
for the 10 year anniversary on Sunday, missing my family on the east coast, 
being constantly inspired by ny and solely ny to listening to our favorite ny 
band the doorbells and our new favorite jam by fiore, 'sincerely, ny', i just
need to be there. WE just need to be there. i often feel disloyal to my 
los angeles home, which, by no means do i dislike. In fact, i couldn't
love los angeles more, york is york. 
we keep pushing it back but foreal, april 2012. done and done. 
happy-new-york-day to you.

  Baby C'mon by thedoorbells


  1. i looove your blog!

    very glad to have found it x

  2. thank you for the kind words! we're so glad!
    nothing like some thoughts of NY to get your day going :)