Thursday, June 2

the tree of life

we went to see this last night at the arclight.
it sort of leaves you with a mix of feeling awestruck, confused,
 happy, depressed, delighted, and 'what the fuck just happened?'.
so when asked if i'd recommend it, I would say without a doubt, it's a must see film. 
i think when someone does something with film that is unlike anything that has
 ever been done before them, it deserves to be watched and they should be most certainly
 commended. (he even puts the opening display of the title and cast at the very 
end of the movie....brilliant) this film leaves the viewer perplexed at some 
points while still feeling the emotion felt by the characters and relating their 
own life to both the characters and the visions of nature that are exhibited. 
from planets forming to volcanoes erupting to dinosaurs exhibiting acts 
of kindness, the 'planet earth' vibe definitely throws you for a loop once you've gotten 
through the first 45 minutes or so. but hang in there, it picks up and gives you more 
of an understanding, relating the actions of nature to our human world. if you'd like 
to leave the theater experiencing the feelings that i've described above, go see it!
it's playing at both the landmark and the arclight in LA.

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