Thursday, May 12

what happened to rock n'roll?

sorry, i couldn't pick just one.
amidst watching jeff the brotherhood and the greenhornes last night,
 i couldn't help but notice the little wedding ring on Jack Lawrence's finger.
a dead weather fan as well, I find him quite intriguing, and took it upon myself
to look up who he's married to. well, if she isn't the coolest chick ever,
i need a new definition of cool. she's a lifestyle photographer whose
portfolio consists of everything vintage, nashville, black and white, and rock n'roll,
not to mention that she photographs everything for third man records.
moral of the story, i'm obsessed and happy that I noticed the wedding ring as
i don't know that my eyes would've been graced with these images had i not.
additionally, the show last night was beyond epic.

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