Sunday, March 6

how much money can we spend?

generally speaking, when i get
really into a band, i listen to them for about a month non-stop
 and then still listen to them on and off after. these guys, however,
i just can't get enough of. maybe it's their 'brotherhood'
or 'talent' or perhaps the fact that both are 'extremely good looking'.
but, most likely, it's the fact that all of their songs
are total jams. i didn't realize, until this video, that they
own infinity cat records (awesome). and i also didn't
realize that their LP came out in 2009 (guess i'm a little late on that one).
regardless, they rule, to the highest extent of the word and i greatly
anticipate May 11th when i can dance/jump/sing at their show.
(ready for a mind ride)

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