Wednesday, March 23

guns n' rosebeds

Ok, so i'm no music reviewer per se, but i definitely have lots to say about these guys.
After buying a ticket to see Natural Child with the fresh&onlys (whose performance, 
by the way, was slightly torturous to sit through) and The Strange Boys last night,
i wasn't quite sure what to expect. I listen to some of their singles and random 7" jams that i've
downloaded but i don't have a plethora of their stuff. Needless to say, they went on first 
(the dork that i am, i made sure we got there when doors opened since there were no announced
set times). And what did they open with you ask? Going up the country by Canned Heat. 
If that's not enough to make them my new favorite band, the tracks to follow, mixed with
the interjections of nashville comedy between each song, were. From 
songs about cougars to tripping on shrooms and calling mom to white boys having no rhythm,
these guys know how to jam - and definitely have rhythm. They're currently signed with 
my other favorite, JEFF the Brotherhood's record label, 'Infinity Cat' and I definitely
suggest you take a listen. Their album, titled 1971, drops on 4/20, appropriately, and I 
am anxiously awaiting jamming to that 12". 
As they say, your ears will thank you. 


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