Thursday, February 24

you pretend you're bored.

growing up, our parents didn't really listen to that much music.
i definitely remember we had every tom petty album, a few UB40 hits,
some van halen, and of course the beatles, but aside from that
music wasn't a priority. one thing i'll never forget was the summer of 
1998 when my Dad was obsessed with Sixpence None the Richer 
and had the 2 track cassette tape that we would listen to on repeat
every wednesday and every other weekend when he would pick us up in
his green ford taurus station wagon.
memories are funny. it's weird what you do remember and what you don't.
this song i don't think i'll ever forget. and hearing my dad sing it, looking back
now, is the best part.

oh. and he had this song on a 2 track cassette tape as well.
still know all the words to this one.

Morg saw this post and reminded me of this one.
90's written all over it. thanks Dad.

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