Thursday, February 24

summertime bluez

i want summer. badly.
even more than summer, i want my summer wardrobe back
and ny of course. forever wanting ny.
here are a few things that i've recently purchased/want to purchase
and find them to be necessities for a spring/summer transitional
wardrobe. check it.

polka dots. everywhere.
(vintage dress via bleubird vintage)

never ending stripes and thinniness
(top by RVCA via needsupply)

sandals that are also wedges. duh.
(dolce vita via

more polka dots/high waisted tea length skirt combo.
the sheeze.
(vintage skirt via etsy)

floppy hat! yes.
(hat via

oversized boyfriend tee with b&dubs graphic. 
(tee via

bird prints. allover.
(vintage skirt via mothersdaughter vintage)

small backpack to be used as a purse.
i found a hidden jem at the flea market this weekend and am
stoked to use it. 
(vintage coach backpack via etsy)

these babies aren't going anywhere.
just add a little extra special wash and your good to go.
(vintage denim shorts via etsy)

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